A Course in Self-Healing

Discover how to heal

without adding medicine or supplements

Learn to use your Behavior as Medicine

Your daily actions produce metabolic & pathologic consequences in your body that no medicine can cure.            

To heal you must learn how to heal your harming behaviors, and how to care for yourself in kind and practical ways.  

Join us in

A Course in Self-Healing

to learn exactly how to do this

A Course in Self Healing will not only transform your power to heal real disease, it will positively impact every aspect of your life. As you study your behaviors, you will be astonished to discover how much power you have to heal yourself by the ways you eat, think, move, and relate. You will learn the compelling philosophy and powerful practices of Self-Healing including: Toxemia, The 4 Behaviors, 3 Universal Medicines, and so much more.

This study of Self-Healing is brilliant and compelling. It inspires dedication to a way of living that heals us.

Dear friend, 

I’m a practicing  Naturopathic Physician for over 40 years with 100% of my focus on healing disease. 

I have designed “A Course In Self-Healing”  to teach you the same powerful techniques that I use myself and teach my patients. 

“A Course In Self-Healing”  teaches you how to heal every aspect of your health...  your body, mind, and relationships. Every day you will be highly engaged in improving your eating, movement, self-reflective and relational practices. These daily practices unfailingly produce healing. 

-Dr. Charley Cropley ND

A Course in Self-Healing

12 self-paced online video discourses & powerful exercises to heal and empower your life

Your Mentor & Instructor | Charley Cropley, ND


Dr. Cropley is a respected Naturopathic Physician-Teacher with 40 years of clinical experience; 50,000 patient visits working with acute and chronic disease. His sole modality is education and empowerment. Not pills, supplements, or outside interventions. He gets results from working with the individual, not medicine. He is a practicing Naturopathic doctor-teacher, thought leader, and pioneer of Naturopathic Behavioral Medicine.  

A Course in Self-Healing

Curriculum Overview

The Initiatory Class

Session 1

A Course In Self-Healing teaches us how to heal clinically diagnosed illness by “healing” our behavior: the ways we eat, move, think, and relate.

We begin this self-healing process by asking ourselves deeply and sincerely “What is the healing I most desire, and what is the suffering I most fear physically, mentally and socially?" By bringing our unconscious fears and desires to the surface, we strengthen our ability to grow and change rather than make temporary forced changes.

You Are Self-Healing

Session 2

The foundation of Naturopathic Medicine is “Vis Medicatrix Naturae”, that we are innately endowed with the power to self-heal. In this session we learn how to use a conscious wisdom and a love far greater than our own.  A wisdom and love already fully operative in us and as us; yearning to heal us by guiding us to heal ourselves.


Session 3

This session offers a clear explanation of the root causes of illness and how to heal those causes. It describes the physiologic and metabolic mechanisms by which our behavior creates illness. We learn how illness progresses from the acute stage to the chronic stage if the behavioral causes are ignored and medicines are used to suppress the symptoms. Finally we learn how illness, correctly understood awakens in us a genuine passion to change our self-harming behaviors.

The Four Practices

Session 4

This session makes clear the overwhelming and incomparable power that our behavior has to both cause and heal disease. We will learn to appreciate what skillful eating, movement, thinking and relating actually looks like. We will evaluate our own skillfulness in each behavior and clarify what skills will most benefit our specific health concerns.


Session 5


Arguably, there is no therapy or medicine as beneficial to our health as ceasing the behaviors that injure our metabolism and doing the behaviors that create a healthy metabolism. 

Most of us employ an unconscious strategy of attempting to improve our behavior by being coercive and critical towards ourselves. Learning to first heal this unconscious strategy, enables us to make the daily behavioral changes essential for healing our illness. 

Healing The War Within

Session 6

Within each of us rages an eternal war to determine our behavior. The victor decides if you will eat wisely or foolishly; if you will sit with poise or slouch, feel anxious or grateful. This session teaches us how to listen compassionately to the desires and fears of both of our conflicting sides. By the power of self-compassion and truthful speech we are able to heal our conflicting desires and behaviors and thereby heal our illness. 

The Three Medicines

Session 7


Having learned that to heal our illness we must learn how to govern our behavior, this session teaches us that we are innately endowed with 3 self-healing powers. These are  kindness, truthful speech, and community. We learn to use these medicines to heal such real behavioral problems such as food cravings, chronic anxiety, self-criticism and social anxiety.

Habit & Causation

Session 8

Healing disease requires we change obvious habits such as smoking, overeating, avoiding exercise. Perhaps the more difficult challenges are facing our often unconscious habits such as self-criticism, compulsive rushing, and negative self-talk.   

This discourse provides a clear understanding of the universal law that governs the formation of habits; and how we can use this law to free ourselves from the compulsion to engage in the behaviors that unfailingly result in disease.

"Dr. Charley Cropley is a master of the art of self-care. Through his thoughtful guidance and example, I’ve made great strides at connecting more deeply with my own “inner healer”, my instinct to be healthy. It’s been calling to me, but I hadn’t been able to hear it well before doing A Course in Self-Healing."

Sally Lamont, ND  

"The beautiful thing about A Course in Self-Healing is that it’s taking topics like consciousness, awareness, presence, trauma, and the felt sense of the body, and applies them to naturopathic determinants of health, which is extremely unique. Charley has created a framework for us to approach this very nuanced topic of healing the self, and he does it in a way that allows us to subjectively and experientially feel what healing means."

Alex Orton, ND

This is for you if...

  • You want to reduce your reliance on medicines and supplements
  • You would rather address the root cause of your ailments than cover up symptoms
  • You wish to prioritize your health while maintaining your busy schedule
  • You have the desire to improve your health but struggle to maintain health-promoting habits
  • You know you can benefit from a structured and supportive environment to achieve your health goals


This course will teach you to:

  • Directly experience your innate power to heal disease, pain, and anxiety

  • Reduce medications & supplements, and prevent unnecessary surgeries

  • Prevent and heal illness (from acute to chronic disease)

  • Heal Anxiety and Self-Criticism

  • Heal Emotional Eating

  • Heal Food Cravings

  • Free yourself of self-harming habits, and strengthen your power to do what truly benefits & heals you

  • Build strong, sustainable, self-healing practices that endure amid your busy life

  • Witness amazing improvements in diagnosed clinical illnesses

  • Short, powerful, amazing )Meditations, Eating exercises; Breath-work, 3 minute workouts, Mirror work; Journaling

  • Transform your ordinary daily activities into powerful (self-)healing rituals. e.g. Eating, showering, dressing, driving, etc.

  • Heal self-doubt, perfectionism, & procrastination

  • Get out of your head and into your body


  • Learn to listen to (the wisdom of) your heart

  • Find your loving (not critical) conscience & guide 

  • N.D.s earn 12 (CE) Continuing Education hours 

Learn to live your medicine, and to cultivate health and happiness within yourself, your family, and beyond.


Charley Cropley is a living embodiment of naturopathic medicine. If you are interested in expressing the absolute power of your Self and transmitting within the context of a patient/doctor relationship, there is no greater example. I first met Charley five years ago, and he has never ceased to amaze me, support me, and guide me with the most tender and loving hands in awakening to the absolute majesty of vis medicatrix naturae.

-Node Smith – Association for Naturopathic ReVitalization